Monday, December 14, 2009

A genius' strategy to fool the commons

From my observation, a genius is some guy he or she is seldom seen working, but rather always playing. Take one of my ex-roommates as an example, who was so smart on college courses that he earned quite a good GPA with little hardship. He always played on some computer softs or watched movies during the free time, which we, the common students cherished so much and was spent on doing homework and reviewing. When tests get closed, things turn to be different. My roommate began working on the course. He read references, did piled homework and also searched extra information from library and internet. He could master his time with so high efficiency that the level he grasped the knowledge from the course was increasing hour by hour, and soon he reached and even surpassed us.
So, as a common people, persons like him is really making us down. One may also wonder, what if a genius always works hard like before the test? Actually, this question may touch to the ankle of an invulnerable genius. A genius may only focus on something he or she has strong passion to. And this passion may sustain shortly before it faded rapidly. In the previous example, my roomate may success only via using his passion at the end term, because otherwise his passion would have quickly been run out.
In conclusion, if you choose a genius pattern, you should find something drives a long long passion; if you choose a common pattern, do not feel upset and unfair, because you have the stronger endurance and a broader job category to choose.

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