Saturday, December 12, 2009

Going to see the dentist

I have been under the battle with my gingival bleeding for about 5years! During all these days at war I have tried many ways to attack, such as different tooth brushes, luxurious tooth paste, using tooth string, brush with warm water and so forth. However, little use was of all these strategies though I have learned something on many basic daily matters.

Brush gently. This is absolutely the most crucial principle. I really thought I know it long before, but the fact is I still brush much too brutally. For gentleness, one needs to brush at most 2 teeth at a time. This can make the brush press specifically on a small area avoiding hurting the other parts by not suiting the curvature. And also for gentleness, one has to brush for a longer time before you think it is enough. Actually maybe many people think they have done with teeth-brushing only by feeling each part of the teeth is touched. But rushing is not brushing. Sometimes you may not brush well even though your gingival is bleeding.

Do not trust the advertise men. When I was at BNU as an undergraduate, some dental clinic came to promote their service and set up a table to receive inquiries in our campus. I went to them and ask why my gingival bleeds easily. What they answered was "it is hard to determine because many factors cause gingival bleeding. Leukemia or other blood diseases, lacks of regular scaling teeth in clinics, not using strings after meals, bad nutrition condition, to name only a few they mentioned." So what they meant, to be short was we now cannot tell and only you came to our clinic can we tell you what is your matter. But of course, you may have to check all these possible reasons (maybe a spinal puncture is needed) and buy all kinds of their products. At last they may serve you with a tiny piece of paper writing 'Brush gently' as a kind new year's bonus.

Luckily, I came across with a good dentist today. He asked whether I want to scale my teeth, which costs over 100 bucks. Cause I want to prevail in this long battle, I'm really willing to pay that much. However, after he knew I was still a student and earned little salary, he told me that it would get similar effects if I skipped the scaling part of the treatment and only taking pills regularly. He also promised my gingival will recover soon for my young age only if I brush gently. I took the medicines and thanked him with a bow because I can't speak while biting a cotton ball in my mouth.

So, I want to suggest you guys that don't make troubles more complex. Sometimes (maybe during many times) you may just have neglected the simplest part.

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